New Life

What does “New Life” mean to us?

There are many promising references to the new life in the Bible.

For instance, Ezra 9:9. He has granted us new lives to build the house of our God, and repairs its ruins. This verse speaks to us about the primary place of worship and prayer. New Life, for intimacy with our Father.

Then Acts 5:20 says, “Tell the people the full message of this new life.” Importantly, this reminds us of our purpose to proclaim the good news of Jesus and the kingdom of God. And to us, the “full message” means speaking of the kingdom, and doing the works of the kingdom! Saving lives, delivering the oppressed, casting out demons and healing in the power of the Holy Spirit. Disciples making disciples. New Life to obey Jesus and do everything that He has done!

Finally, Romans 5:17, which speaks of God’s abundant provision of grace and the gift of righteousness, which came to reign in our (new) lives. Here we have an awesome contrast: If by the sin of Adam, death reigned through that one man, how much more the “goodness” of God, will reign in our lives through the obedience of Jesus! As grace abounds to us, we shall continue to abound in good works, especially works of mercy. And we love because he first loved us. New Life to demonstrate God’s grace and favor!

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